At Bumper Specialist Inc. we offer the best ‘auto body shop near me’ in Palm Desert, fully capable of any auto body repairs including paint services, frame and fiberglass repair, wheel and rim repair, and more. Our painting process includes professional sanding and priming, followed by multiple coats of our highest quality auto body paint finishing with a top coat. Our paint is then sealed with a ceramic wax coating, ensuring your paint job stays fresh and perfect. Book Bumper Specialists Inc, the best auto body shop in Palm Desert, to protect and maintain your vehicle.

Auto Body Repair

When it comes to auto body, we find the majority of the time the customer is in need of fixing or repairing a cosmetic issue on the exterior of the vehicle. Most of the time this involves matching the vehicle’s paint seamlessly with the part of the vehicle needed to be repaired. With our experience working on luxury vehicles we have built a reputation for having some of the finest paint work in the Coachella Valley.

Auto Collision Repair

Our professional service technicians specialize in all aspects of auto collision repair, including shattered windshields, bent frames, broken axels and panel/door replacement. A car collision can be as small as a fender bender, or as large as a completely totaled vehicle, but at Bumper Specialist Inc, you can ensure a quality repair. We use the latest repair and paint matching technology to ensure your car looks as fresh as the day you purchased it. Contact us today for all your auto collision repair needs.

Bumper Repair

Bumper repairs, our most popular service, can be tricky. But here at Bumper Specialist Inc, we specialize in every step in the process. Our experts have over 10 years of experience in the required sanding, prep, painting and coating, even being able to fix small wear and tear on the bumper including small rock holes or tears. This process is extensive, and with our expertise at Bumper Specialist Inc, we can ensure a professional and perfect job every time. Call us today for a quote about your bumper repair.

Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass repairs are becoming increasingly more common as vehicles modernize, and here at Bumper Specialist Inc, we have perfected the process. Working with fiberglass and resin is very difficult, and so we recommend our clients to leave the repairs up to a specialist. Our multiple step process includes stripping and sanding down the area around the damage, with a fiberglass sheet application, and finally a resin cure. With over 10 years of experience, you can trust Bumper Specialist Inc. with all of your fiber glass repair needs.

Dent Repair
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Our experts at Bumper Specialist Inc. have perfected the dent repair process, offering dent repair for any vehicle make and model, including golf carts! A typical dent repair includes paint repair and matching, where we can make your car look brand new, and subsequently repair any damage. Call Bumper Specialist Inc. today to get a quote on your dent repair job today!

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Paintless Dent Repair

Using suction and heat technology, dents are able to be repaired without toughing your paint job.

Panel Replacement

Panels are able to be replaced on fenders, doors, and trunk areas where there could be damage.

Auto Glass Repair

Cracked windshields will be a thing of the past with our auto glass repair, which is also available on mirrors, and windows.

Wheel and Rim Repair

Rim and wheel scuffs, scratches and dents are easily repairable with Bumper Specialist Inc.

Auto Restoration

Your car will look brand new with our multitude of auto restoration services.

Paint Jobs

If you’re looking for a color change or just a touch up, Bumper Specialist Inc are experts in all your paint job needs.

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